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Life with Chronic Pain is often disabling and may affect job performance, activities of daily living, family relationships and quality of life.  At some point along the way a doctor may say  "there is nothing more we can do about your pain, or we can't find anything wrong, you'll just have to live with it." Chronic Pain can become a frustrating and discouraging life sentence. 


Prolotherapy can offer you a life free from chronic pain.  A unique time-tested method for the treatment of chronic pain, the effectiveness of Prolotherapy treatments has been reported by practitioners and their patients since the 1930's.  Up to 85-90% of patients have received good to excellent results when assessing their pain relief and improved function.


Prolotherapy is an effective treatment for a multitude of conditions. There is no other treatment that replaces Prolotherapy for strengthening weakened ligaments and tendons, the underlying cause of most chronic pain including neck and back pain.


  • A unique time-tested method for the treatment of chronic pain. 
  • Simple technique that stimulates the body's natural healing response to repair damaged connective tissue.
  • Successfully treats the underlying problem causing most joint pain, including neck and back pain -  unhealed ligaments and tendons.
  • Provides long-lasting relief, naturally without steroids or surgery.
  • A safe, proven approach to ending chronic pain and often avoiding surgery.
  • Nonsurgical, Non-Steroidal, Cost Effective, Out Patient and Low Risk. 

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